Monday, April 09, 2007

He is Risen

I was thinking about Good Friday and Good Sunday in terms of the word "good". It really struck me that the use of the word "good" just wasn't "good" enough. I would have guessed it was attached before there was a stronger word. Then someone said that likely the word came from a derivative of "God", that the saying likely at one time was God's Friday and God's Sunday. That struck me as "good enough". What could be a more appropriate name than God's Friday. Above all other Fridays this one showed the justice of God meeting his grace, the crux of what makes God, God and not a god. Above all other Sunday's that God's Sunday was the one in which He conquered the curse of man once and for all. 1 Corinthians 15 implies that all of human history can be summarized into two days. The day man died and the day death was conquered! Praise God for God's Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I agree :) Praise our good God! I enjoyed Easter and the lead up to it more than ever this year. I think that is because I was able to experience it with Janelle. This is the first year she has shown any real understanding of what it's all about. Sunday morning I greeted her with "It's Easter Sunday." She said, "Jesus alive. Dead all finished." Yes, he is!!!! Praise Him!!!

Anonymous said...

Amen Ron

And have been praying that the girls would understand the real meaning this year as the three eldest (Br, J. and L.) have quite a bit of understanding now.

Let's keep setting them a good example of learning to lean on our good God and Jesus our only Saviour.


Sabrina said...

Good thought.

Valerie said...

I'm sorry I missed this until now! Yes, this year is special here too- Lael does have more understanding and when we simplify things for her it helps us to think about His death and resurrection in a new way.

Janelle's comments make me smile, Patti. Lael's Easter comments were similar in her breakfast prayer, "Dear Fader, Thank you Jesus is risen!! He is alive! Behind the door and mmm shmmm smoom he isn't there!!" :)

Recently she did a little activity at Cubbies where they pasted a little door/stone over the tomb opening, and she liked to open and shut it to see that Jesus was no longer there. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ronnie, where have you disappeared to? Well, school will be done soon and then maybe you'll reappear

Anonymous said...

no, i just can't seem to log in sometimes and then I don't remember to try and figure it out when I do have time, so ...